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Athlete & General Skin Care

Ever listen to of Hydrotherapy? It’s a widely suggested technique for skin care. However, through the elimination of this system and maintaining your skin care regimen simple-you can have smooth, glowing skin in the most harsh winter season. Winter is arriving and with it comes dried out skin. Skin care professional, Sandy Alcide, has some very nice tips for facial skin care.

Around the country, climates differ. Winter is coming and our skin encounters are similar. Your skin layer is working with strong winds, indoor heaters, cold dried out air, rain, snow sleet. You get the idea. Skin may become dull and dry – but haven’t any fear. Your skin’s prevention of winter ailments are simple. There’s a new buzz word on offer in skin care called “Hydrotherapy”.

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It’s even recommended and used by skin care experts. They suggest you begin your entire day with a hot steamy shower so when you complete showering change to cold water for a few seconds. Then, repeat the process for 2 minutes. This system claims to revitalize your skin layer by stimulating the blood circulation through the epidermis. What it actually will be “shock your skin” and the warm water dries your skin.

Going from steamy hot to cold water can cause damaged blood vessels. Your water temp should be lukewarm. If you want your skin revitalized by stimulating blood through it – exercise. If your skin is itching or you have dried out patches, it’s because the dry air of winter causes the dampness in the top layer of your skin layer to evaporate quickly. Use a supplementary dose of moisturizer for these certain specific areas. Never use pure oils on your skin.

This will clog your pores in support to make your skin feel smooth, but it’s temporary as your skin layer can’t really absorb them well for hydration. Work with a good quality moisturizer specifically for dry pores and skin. Anything else will leave your skin incapable of preventing dry skin. At least twice a week to exfoliate to remove dead pores and skin cells that are a barrier for moisturizers to permeate your skin.

Dry indoor warmth plays havoc on the natural sebum our skin produces making skin loses drinking water in the lower dermis coating of skin. In the winter you have more dry epidermis cells that require to be sloughed off. Those dry flaky areas are proof of this. Applying moisturizer in it won’t cure it Simply.

You need to exfoliate them off and then apply moisturizer. Do not use exfoliators which contain nut fruits or shells seed as inexpensive exfoliating agencies. This will abrade delicate skin tissue. Another suggestion going around in the skin care industry is to use hair conditioner on your body in the shower for dry skin.

Hair conditioner is developed for hair-not skin. If you need a film on your skin and a cause for possible breakouts than hair conditioner can do it. After bathing or showering, pat your skin dried out and use a body creme. Motion Media has launched a new body creme with lactic acid that breaks up dead skin cells with emollients to hydrate skin without oil and parabens. And, yes, I confess I have a habit of duplicating myself.

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