First Primary Residence (Condominium) Future Investment Options

Not sure if it belongs more on REI sub, but wanted to fine tune my applying for grants what all to consider soon. Before jumping onto buying new properties firmly for investment/income, I wanted to focus on how to use what I already have best. Bought first home this past year, a condominium in a pretty good suburb of Atlanta. Only put 5% down on it, and standing up at an impressive 6 currently.5% equity. 80/month. At current rate, I should hit threshold to remove it in about 7 years.

Though not as low as current rates, financed for 30 years at 4.375%, so I’m uncertain how much good refi down the road would be when contemplating extra costs to take action. Going to refurbish something major every year: HVAC, get good at bath, kitchen. Although these will somewhat be done with intention of upping value, the main inspiration is to just come with an up to date home and bring joy simply.

My amateur outlook evaluation. Zillow is recommending our value has recently risen by 9%, which I think is too generous. A recently sold comp in same community that is identical to my home suggests value has actually risen by around 5.5% in past year. There are other communities showing up within a mile that ‘re going for over 100k more than my 10 12 months old home.

So, the future is bright ideally, but I can’t take that for granted. So option 1 for future: eventually move out, and utilize it as rental property (yes, I examined with association, plus they ensure it is rented out). 215 HOA, but it minimizes capital expenditures to about be concerned, esp since planned renovations will address big items and be clear for the long-term future.

Do need that PMI gone so it won’t eat into regular cashflow. It’s a 2 bed 2.5 bath, so could def take a look at 2 tenants or a family preferably. I honestly don’t see much net cash flow potential, but could at least count on appreciation and having someone else lower mortgage. Option 2: stay long-term, continue to acquire capital and/or find other methods to enter REI while just carrying on to live here. Option 3: if it appreciates enough, sell. Take revenue and use as payment on new main citizen down, and this time have a better monthly payment credited to larger deposit no PMI (depends on future rates of interest of course).

Option 4: having browsed and listening to BP lately, use condo to BRRRR since I would have already done the rehab part, and kinda plan on renting anyways. Could also consider HELOC here since I’m uncertain how much refi would help unless it offers appreciated a good little bit in 5 years. TL;DR – I simply want input, thoughts. Explain better ways to use my current situation, or tell me me I’m lacking key points in my own plans.

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