For Deep Skin Beauties 1

For Deep Skin Beauties

Revlon has always been the center of attention when it comes to lip products. For just about any beauty addict who’s enthusiastic about makeup, Revlon is the ideal brand to splurge on for high quality makeup products. Founded in 1932, Revlon is an All-American brand that not only deals with cosmetics but hair care, skin care, and fragrances. The brand is easily available in drugstores in the European countries and claims with its range of beauty products.

In Pakistan, you can find a variety of locks care product from locks color to locks tools and of course makeup. There are tons of makeup goodies from Revlon that will probably be worth spending over, the Super Lustrous Lipstick range is one of the few gems from the brand just. These rich and luxurious lipsticks are ideal for winter since the moisture packed lipsticks leave the lips looking and feeling hydrated.

The product packaging of the Super Lustrous range is nothing but elegant. It reminds me of a period when I was a kid and I used to watch my mom apply lipstick, the metallic yellow metal casing gives these lipsticks a classic generation appeal. With a lot of shades in the number, you can make sure to find precisely what you are looking for. For lighter shades, keep your skin layer tone in mind when choosing a shade. For pale epidermis tones any tone you choose from light pinks to coral will go with your appearance. For deep epidermis beauties, opt for red and Burgundy shades to improve your skin firmness.

The rule of thumb with lipstick matching is to wear cool build shades if your skin is on the pale side while tanning pores and skin tones should embrace warm build hues. The brand strives to promote healthy lip care since their products are infused with natural ingredients to keep the lip area from drying. Formulated with vitamins to give a silky easy consistency, these lipsticks are a delicacy for the lips.

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The line carries a wide range of shades to match your mood accordingly. From strikingly vibrant shades such as Fire and Ice and Raspberry Bite along with delicate nudes such Apricot Fantasy and Porcelain Pink. The best from the number is Peach Me, the soft coral tone has a hint of golden shimmer that provides the lip area an utterly polished look.

The lipstick doesn’t enhance any fine lines on the lip area or chapped lips. Applying Super Lustrous Lipsticks you may expect an extremely creamy formulation that is very buildable. There isn’t any aroma to these that I was pleased since scented lipsticks always trouble me. The pigmentation depends on your skin shade, if you are looking to try out a red lip get a warmer pink almost on the dark aspect. The staying power of the lipsticks are on the average aspect, say about 2 hours. If you opt to not drink or eat during you can getaway with 3 hours tops.