IHeartRadio Launches A Broadway Digital And Route Hub 1

IHeartRadio Launches A Broadway Digital And Route Hub

NEW YORK (AP) – Fans of show tunes are receiving another place to get their fix given that iHeartRadio has launched a Broadway channel and online hub. HeartRadio Broadway began offering loading music from Broadway shows Monday. A companion website will provide news, videos, interviews and podcasts. Scott Hopeck of iHeartMedia said the Broadway channel “is something that has been missing” for people who love theater.

The new route will contend with SiriusXM’s “On Broadway,” which also features tracks and such hosts as Seth Rudetsky and John Tartaglia. FILE – This Jan. 19, 2012 file picture shows a Broadway road sign in NY. Fans of show tunes are getting another place to get their fix given that iHeartRadio has launched a Broadway channel and digital hub. On Monday started offering loading music from Broadway shows and a partner website will offer news HeartRadio Broadway, videos, interviews and podcasts.

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