Lined, Zippered Pouch / Make Up Bag Tutorial 1

Lined, Zippered Pouch / Make Up Bag Tutorial

This morning I had been in a rush to make a simple lined make-up handbag and had an instant look on the internet to see easily could easily find any sizes for any such thing. I could find instructions on how to produce a pouch, but none with dimensions and nothing with protected ends to the hips, which is how I like my lips to be finished.

So here we’ve lined, covered zip ends constitute bag / gold coin purse tutorial (for only personal use, see the tutorial ends for other terms). Photos are abundant and instructions (ideally) basic, in the hope that a beginner can make this easily. 1.5″ pieces of material. Fold it in half across the duration and then collapse back with 1/4″ at each end as above.

Place your zip so that it butts up to the half way flip that you made. And pin the ends down exactly like this. Do a similar for the other end Then. Now make two neat rows of stitching (it will show at the end to make it pretty) across the zip to secure your zip cover set up.

So the ends should now appear to be this. Now you have to produce a tasty fabric sandwich. Put your outer fabric face up. Place your zip on top of this face down. Place your coating moreover face down Now. Pull the zip open halfway. Placed on your zipper foot and start at one end and start sewing.

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With your finger carefully feel for the zipper tooth and ensure that your zipper feet presses up alongside these. When you reach the zip fastener keeps your needle down and raise the presser feet and gently slip the tip backward just a little before holding one sewing. Once you’ve finished, flip the fabrics over so that they’re the right way round. It should appear to be this.

Your external fabric and lining will now be coming in contact with the wrong part to wrong part. Now you have to add the fabric to the other side of the zip. Make your sandwich a similar as before, aligning the very best of the zip with the liner and external fabric and pretending that the first sandwich isn’t there (almost as though you’ve eaten it).

So keep in mind: Main fabric face up. Zipper down facing. Lining face down. And the outer aspect should appear to be this. Now, it’s time to stop faffing around with zips and begin making your fabric into a make-up handbag or pouch (high, such an unpleasant term). Pull your zip open halfway and leave it there.

Now keep hold of the two pieces of outer fabric and put them so the pretty sides are facing one another. The do the same with the line: make the right edges of the liner face one another. Pin the external fabric edges first, ensuring the edges of the fabric all match up nicely. Now pin the linings jointly, ensuring the tip ends are pointing downwards into the lining side and not into the external fabrics aspect.

Can you observe on the picture above – my external fabric is on the left and sits completely flat. My blue coating is on the right and get the zippy parts pushing to that part. There now Nearly. Now you have to de-bulk your zipper-end covers so that when it’s all turned the correct way out you do not get horrid lumpy bits. Take a fine pair of scissors (this isn’t enough time for large shears) and snip carefully outside any lines of stitching to de-bulk wherever you can. Then make a little snip on each one of the four sides of the square – again, being careful not to cut through any of your stitches.

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