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Accredited Investor Talk

Accredited investors understand how to use debt in their favor to achieve wealth. They have an enthusiastic understanding of how compounding appealing can work on their behalf (with investments) and against them (with debt). These investors understand that credit card debt can be one of the worst types of debt if not paid quickly.

This type of debt was created to remove the most sum of money over the longest period of time possible from the card owner. 2,000 on a very nice large TV that would go properly with your high def entertainment center. What can you do to get that TV today if you didn’t have the money? 8,183.Today 46 over 26 years if you let me have that Television? ” Would that be a good option?

8,183.46 in long-term debt? Throughout this informative article, I will quote numbers which come from a crude credit cards payment calculator I created using Microsoft Excel. The numbers might not be accurate exactly, however they are enough to demonstrate my factors being made close. Ever wonder why you get so many “you have been approved for” letters in the mail about some new credit card?

Also, many of the same companies distribute characters to you frequently. How can they afford to do this to more and more people repeatedly? It can be afforded by them because credit cards are VERY profitable for people who make their payments faithfully. In fact, folks have questionable credit are even sought by some companies given that they can charge higher interest rates because of the higher risk. If these folks make their payments at the higher interest rate to build or repair their credit score, then your company has a profitable situation.

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Faithful payers for high interest loans are the ultimate money machine for these companies. Most of us are accustomed to a set rate loan where you borrow a arranged amount at some interest rate to be paid back over a period of time resulting in a flat monthly payment. Month Each more of the principal is paid off as the interest charged with this decrease also decreases.

Eventually toward the end of the loan, most of the payment goes toward the principle and incredibly little will go toward interest. In my terminology, I call this a theory focused loan since the reason for the loan is to boost the amount paid toward principle as the loan matures.

This type of loan is within the interest of the debtor since the goal is to get the loan paid as quickly as possible without offering too much toward interest. Alternatively, the purpose of credit card debt is to keep from paying toward the process and raise the amount of money paid toward interest. Every month the credit card issuer changes the minimum payment due to be a set percentage of the remaining debt balance, usually 2 to 3 3 percent of the total amount credited.

As the total amount is paid, the minimal payment decreases. Therefore, because the payment credited continuously decreases as the total amount decreases, it takes a long time before you’d be got by the payment to zero. All the while, most of the payment each month goes toward interest and very little toward the principle (lower of your debt). I call this a pastime focused loan. This sort of loan is in the interest of the lending company or credit-card issuer because the goal is to continue to receive the largest amount of interest payments from the customer for as long as possible.

It is not in the best interest of the credit card issuer to get these loans paid since their income from interest would then stop. 1,786.74 of total interest. 1,641.58 before the debt is paid off. 3,539.29 of total interest. 2,000 at first borrowed for the TV at the end of 10 years. 1,290.02 should you pay the total amount in full. They know you are unlikely to pay the total amount due to allow them to look forward to getting much more money from you for yet another 16 years! 2,000 at the same 19.99% annual interest rate over a 10-calendar year period. 38.64 for the full a decade.

Let’s now make comparisons with the above-mentioned credit card example. 1,786.74 using credit cards minimum payments. 1,641.58 for personal credit card debt. The difference becomes much more pronounced after a decade. At that time, the loan is paid. 3,539.29 using credit card minimum payments. 1,290.02 on the credit cards where the set-rate loan is paid. 6,183.46 in interest from you using minimal obligations on the credit card.