True Journeys OF THE Creative Artwork Addict 1

True Journeys OF THE Creative Artwork Addict

This isn’t my photo, but you were wanted by me to see the outside of this beautiful building. It came from the Smithsonian site, here. NY City-based musician Leo Villareal has pioneered a particular kind of “light sculpting,” using thousands of individual LED light bulbs and a personalized computer program to illuminate them. That is stunning personally. Renwick Gallery, one of the Smithsonian Museums, details its collection.

This was probably my favorite museum in Washington. I’ve often considered where to attract the line. If there is one, it appears if you ask me to be slim and intensely wiggly extremely. I often hear people refer to beautiful things such as a hand blown glass vase or an exquisitely woven basket as ‘just’ “crafts”. Neo-Assyrian Amethyst Vase, c.

Do we now consider these as ‘artwork’, because they’re no more being utilized as utilitarian objects? If we put blooms in the vase, would it then be ‘craft’? Just what exactly qualifies as artwork, instead of craft, and what are the criteria for determining which is which? I cannot offer you a definitive answer to this question, however, many food for thought perhaps.

While this installation references architecture, it generally does not really work as such. Based on a form that people may call art, it targets one aspect of this craft, and expands on it to create a sculptural installation that highlights what we could call the visible beauty of this craft. This one, I believe, was modeled following the architecture of the historical Union Terminal in Cincinnati, Ohio! Bottom: Robert Ebendorf, Lost Soul, Found Spirit. I wasn’t in a position to find information with this, but I believe it’s very cool. I know, I know, I should have photographed the identification tags in the gallery. Anna Von Mertens, 2:45 am Until Sunrise on Tet, year the Lunar New, January 31, 1968, U.S.

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I couldn’t find information with this, but I included it because I think it’s a thing of beauty, which what it might be used for doesn’t really matter. While this lovely content spinning steering wheel certainly can’t spin any thread, I love looking at it because of its aesthetic properties. I fell deeply in love with this piece totally. While it is constructed of fabric, a functional material traditionally, it wasn’t made to be worn or to cover anyone’s bed.

I don’t observe how anyone could take a look at stained cup as a build, do you? I’m not sure I could shed any light on the “art or art” question, but here’s a video that clarifies how this division came into being. So, what do you think? Is there a difference between art and art? Or is the range too difficult to attract just? I’d love to hear any wisdom, insights, questions, or thoughts you might have!

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