Spontaneous Thoughts Are Perceived To Reveal Meaningful Self-insight

A research team from Carnegie Mellon University and Harvard Business School attempt to regulate how people understand their own spontaneous thoughts and if those thoughts or intuitions have any influence over judgment. Carey K. Morewedge, lead writer and associate teacher of marketing in the Tepper School of Business with yet another session in the Dietrich College’s Department of Social and Decision Sciences. For the scholarly study, Morewedge, CMU’s Colleen E. Giblin and Harvard University’s Michael I. Norton ran five studies. The first three were made to test the hypothesis that the greater spontaneous a thought is, the greater it is believed to provide meaningful self-insight.

The results suggest that when people evaluate a specific thought, they not only consider its content, also, they are influenced by their more general beliefs about different thought processes. Thoughts with the same content are judged to become more meaningful if they occurred through a spontaneous, uncontrolled process rather than deliberate, controlled process. The effect was found across various types of thought and thought content, including thoughts about other people. Which means that this content of spontaneous thought do not need to be entirely about the personal in order for individuals to feel just like they’ve gleaned meaningful self-insight.

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The last two experiments extended the analysis to see whether the greater understanding related to spontaneous thoughts leads them to truly have a greater impact on judgment. The analysts examined this first with participants think about a love interest other than their present or latest significant other spontaneously or deliberately, record the self-insight that the thought provided and suggest their attraction toward that person then. They found that those who spontaneously produced a considered a love interest believed that thought revealed more self-insight and perceived their attraction to be stronger than the participants who discovered a love interest with deliberate thinking.

Finally, to determine whether this greater impact would prolong to both positive and negative spontaneous thoughts, individuals recalled an optimistic or negative experience related with their current or latest romantic relationship. Participants reported the extent to that your spontaneous and deliberate recollection of this memory would supply them with meaningful self-insight and increase or decrease the likelihood that they would end the partnership. Giblin, a doctoral college student in CMU’s Tepper School of Business.

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