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Our engineering team has been 100% distributed since day one. This means we’re tooled up to handle product, architectural, technical, and is work all from home or remote. We have “reasoned views, weakly held” approach to tools, and resist letting those tools define our identity. If this appears like a fun challenge as well as your kind of environment, drop us a series and let’s talk!

May 21 – Bloomberg (Ian Wishart): “Russia has deployed equipment during the turmoil in eastern Ukraine you can use for nuclear weaponry, NATO’s top army commander said. While there’s no ‘direct evidence’ that the Kremlin has made deployments of nuclear arms, U.S. May 19 – BBC: “Ukraine’s chief executive has informed the BBC his country is now in a ‘real battle’ with Russia – and that Ukrainians should prepare for a Russian offensive.

President Petro Poroshenko informed the BBC’s Fergal Keane he didn’t trust his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin. I really believe they are planning an offensive and I think we should be ready and I think that people do not give them any tiny chance for provocation. May 18 – Reuters (Sujata Rao): “Ukraine should prepare for default rather than repay ‘selfish and unconstructive’ lenders who oppose a debt writedown backed by the International Monetary Fund, previous U.S. Treasury Secretary Lawrence Summers said.

Writing in the Financial Times on Monday, Summers said the situation for reducing Ukraine’s debt burden was powerful, and failure to do so would confirm the view that ‘private financial passions disproportionately influence public plan’. 17.5 billion and it are making loan disbursements depending on a restructuring deal. May 19 – Bloomberg (Natasha Doff and Marton Eder): “Ukraine’s bonds may have a long way to fall even following the announcement of a possible moratorium on interest obligations triggered the deepest selloff in two months. On Tuesday The debt slumped to 45 cents on the dollar.

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If anything, it’s just two companies that have always been in bed collectively trying to put lipstick on the pig, the source says. Getting RIA custodians up to speed is what will make or break StoneCastle, says Clarke. Along with name identification, the plumbing with firms like Fidelity and Schwab is what it seems to be missing, he explains. StoneCastle supports a number of clearing firms already, including Jersey City, N.J.-structured Pershing Advisor Solutions, and LA, Calif. Talks with other custodians are, however, ongoing — watch this space, says Bonanno. Fingers crossed, says Clarke.

Quite a few students have mentioned their their goal is to work for an investment firm, obtain their CFA charter, and attend a high tier graduate school then. Others are interested in working at a bulge bracket or middle market investment bank and someday learning to be a partner in a private equity firm.

Others are thinking about employed in hedge funds or working as a financial advisor. That’s a decision you’ll have to arrive at individually. Students deciding on the AIM program are finance majors; however, some are majoring in other business areas also, such as accounting and international business. The actual students accepted into the AIM program to talk about is a sincere desire to achieve fund, graduate from Marquette, and obtain their CFA MBA or charter level.

All of the students screen a determination to work hard toward attaining that goal. Most students get into the AIM program with a successful educational record and an interest for a career on the market. Students submit their applications through the fall semester of their junior year – and if accepted into AIM, calendar year take their first AIM course in the spring semester of their junior.