Or Remaining At ALONE?

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Had I decided to abort my baby and the entire article have been about working out my right to terminate, would these people have used the issues? Would they have called me an adulteress still? You don’t need to respond — that was rhetorical. I’m often asked what we’ll inform our kid, if we’ll simply tell him, so when we’ll simply tell him. Among the thousands of remarks I’ve read, one stood out to me. Every evening when I tuck in my own baby at bedtime I say it in my own mind. I will not lie and say it has been an easy road.

The rape had taken a significant toll – emotionally and physically. Seizures have been increasing in both rate of recurrence and intensity. These were originally related to pregnancy-induced hypertension, and so, were likely to disappear after giving birth. However, the seizures were later diagnosed as post-traumatic epilepsy from having been beaten during the rape – a diagnosis which really changed the world inside away.

How may I be left only with a child, or any of our young children? Or remaining at the all alone? I’m unable to predict when a seizure shall grasp me. Eighteen months after having a baby, there are still more questions than answers as I sit here with a patchwork of bruises and cuts, dealing with my latest seizure. I could listen to you — a few of you — the ones who say not aborting my baby has taken all of this hardship upon us. There’s tremendous monetary hardship with my husband needing to be aware of me when my children’s mind off to school. There’s my possibly abbreviated life-span because of the stress from the rape.

There’s less of everything and more folks with needs. I am. But you’re incorrect. We are richer for this child being in the world infinitely. Our children have discovered more about patience and sacrifice and what this means to be always a family in the past 2 yrs than in their entire lifetimes until now. We’ve all discovered just a tiny bit more about the world we live in. The good is a lot brighter than we realized and the wicked, a lot darker.

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We know that one voice, speaking in honesty, with bravery, can change lives, and that honoring God is the right thing to do always, even if it feels as though you’re the only one carrying it out. For my fellow mothers who became pregnant by rape, I want to encourage you, my sisters, you who are more than conquerors, you who are survivors: be the voice!

Be the voice who speaks with respect to your child – for these children who even a few of the “pro-life” make exceptions for. Be the voice to get rid of the ignorance about so-called “rape babies.” It’s incomprehensible to me that is somehow suitable discrimination now. So be the voice for your child, for my child, for minimal of these. The world can be a much better place for our babies. The world can be a much better place BY our babies. Towards the thousands around the world who’ve sent words of love and prayers and healing: you won’t ever understand how much it has meant.

You are precious to us and we covet your ongoing prayers! To the thousands around the world who’ve sent words of vitriol and curses and harmful objective: you have strengthened us as well as opening our eye to the blackness which can reside in one’s soul. My children and I’ll continue steadily to pray for you.

We loved you louder. You are liked by us louder. We will like you the loudest. She’s using her middle name in lieu of her surname, in order to safeguard the identity of her family. If you’d like to reach out to Jennifer to encourage or assist her family, please do this HERE.