FDA takes action against e-cigarettes 1
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FDA takes action against e-cigarettes

FDA has taken legal action against several e-cigarette companies over marketing of products such as Nilla wafers and Warheads. These tactics are not unusual, as the Tobacco Industry has long targeted vulnerable groups. JUUL, for instance, offered discounts to troops and gave them tools to switch to electronic cigarettes. These actions could discourage young people to try these new products. Should you have virtually any questions relating to where by in addition to how to employ บุหรี่ไฟฟ้า, you are able to contact us in our own internet site.

Regulatory challenges

The Tobacco Products Directive proposed in 2013 that e-cigarettes be classified as medical devices. This was a regulatory challenge for the e-cigarette market. This course will help students understand the complex regulatory environment and offer alternatives to the proposed classification. Students will learn about the current state and future prospects of the e-cigarette market. These issues will be discussed in greater detail in this article.

Health risks

The most serious side effect from vaping is the EVALI. This refers to e-cigarette-associated lung injury. Symptoms of this illness often resemble those of flu, but they may actually be caused by respiratory conditions. EVALI patients often require mechanical ventilators to breathe, and some even die after being discharged. EVALI has been implicated in 2,807 hospitalizations. The majority of these were young adults and teenagers.

JUUL e-cigarettes

A Reddit community devoted to JUUL e-cigarettes is rife with complaints from students who use the devices on campus. Many students say they “crave” nicotine and complain that Juul “friends” borrow them. One user went so far as to charge freshmen 3 dollars for a hit. Juul products banned from universities and colleges by the FDA has sparked controversy.

Juuls are targeted at children

Juuls marketing to youth has been controversial. The FDA took this into consideration in 2018. Many lawmakers gave testimony about Juuls’ marketing techniques. One company executive expressed concern that the products were being marketed to young people in elementary schools. Matthew Myers (president of the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids), expressed concern that marketing practices encourage youth to use tobacco.

e-cigarettes may help adults quit smoking

FDA takes action against e-cigarettes 2

Recent research suggests that e-cigarettes can be beneficial for smokers’ health and well-being. The Seattle Social Development Project began in 1985 with 800 elementary-school children and continued to follow them into adulthood. Researchers also monitored participants’ health, social engagement, education, and income levels. One-third of participants in the study had made the switch from cigarettes to electronic cigarettes.

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