The Right Way To Create A Dual Boot When Preserving Windows Seems Impossible

Sometimes the installer from Linux Mint or Ubuntu does not recognize Windows in the “Install sort” window. Or the installer would not give you the option in that window, to put in Mint alongside Windows. In both situations: first cancel the set up, if you wish to preserve Windows! There are two frequent causes of this downside, every of which requires a special repair. Below I’ll describe those fixes. After the fix you should be capable of creating a twin boot in spite of everything.

Note: the how-to is written for Linux Mint but relevant in Ubuntu as well. 1. Sometimes the installer from Linux Mint does not acknowledge an existing Windows 7, 8.x or 10 at all, on a computer with Windows. First create some unallocated house, by shrinking the Windows partition by the use of the applying GParted. Gparted is present on the Mint DVD (and naturally additionally on the live USB stick).

So, if you boot Mint from the DVD you may launch Gparted from the desktop menu. Simply type started as question. Note: an operation in GParted will only happen after you might have confirmed it, by clicking on the “Apply” button (shown as a “tick”) within the panel of GParted. Now close GParted and launch the installer of Linux Mint once more.

Select Something else within the “Installation type” window. In the ensuing window, click on on the largest “free space” (normally at the underside of the row). Finally, click on “Install now” to continue the installation. The rest is a bit of cake and wishes no clarification. 2. On a PC with Windows XP, Vista, and 7 you possibly can sometimes only choose to give the entire hard disk to Mint, in the installer from Linux Mint. In that case you most likely have already got the maximum of 4 major partitions on the onerous disk. Logical partitions don’t have any maximum; primary partitions do.

At the least in the old-fashioned BIOS, as a result of modern Windows 10 computer systems working on UEFI (provided that the UEFI is running in the UEFI mode!), do not have this limitation. The answer is to destroy one among the first partitions, for example by the use of the application GParted on the Mint DVD. This could be a tiny partition, as a result of the dimension does not matter: the installer can afterwards retrieve enough house by shrinking another, existing partition. It’s simply a matter of decreasing the variety of the primary partitions.

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