WHAT'S Better, An Accounting Or Business Administration Degree? 1

WHAT’S Better, An Accounting Or Business Administration Degree?

Though both a qualification in accounting and a degree in business administration will be attractive to employers, neither one is always better for everyone. The main element to planning your education for a successful career is to find the best match for your personality, goals, and particular situation. Considering where you want to go in life carefully, the choice should become clear. In lots of ways, a degree in accounting and a qualification in business administration will overlap. With both degrees, you’ll learn a lot about the intricacies of a business and what must be done to produce a business succeed.

The concentrate of the degrees, though, differs. With a degree in accounting, you’ll delve deeper into finance and hard accounting skills, according to The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants. A business administration degree, on the other hands, will focus more on business management skills, including marketing and worker management. Both degrees can be attractive to employers.

What Are YOUR TARGETS? Consider where you see yourself working and what type of duties shall cause you to feel more satisfied. If you enjoy building relationships and dealing with various types of individuals, the degree in business administration might be the correct one for you. If you like working with numbers to working with people, then an accounting degree is probably the better choice. Where Do Your Talents Lie? Do You Want to Further Your Education?

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A degree in accounting will allow you to jump directly into the work market after graduation, and you can have a steady profession route with just this degree, after you pass the certified open, public accountant exam especially. Beyond that, you may take the casual brush-up course to develop your skills. The business administration degree could easily get you started in a company, but if you want to remain competitive for higher positions, you may need to work toward a Master of Business Administration.

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