UPDATE: Tracy Hall’s (Watercolour Artist Diary) two simply stunning miniatures have also been accepted. They were much admired while i shipped them to the exhibition! They are her two works on her blog – Water small painting and Red Admiral and Cone Plants lily. I’m going to stick my neck out here and say I’d be very surprised if one or both of these don’t get some sort of award.

You can read more about Tracy’s miniature art (and awards) on her behalf website. For the time being Sarah Wimperis (The Red Shoes) is also doing very well with society exhibitions. If you are a friend/follower of the blog and have success at a national level please let me know so I can emphasize this in ‘who’s made a tag this week? Day and you may see the results in the Sketchcrawl Forum Yesterday was the 26th International Sketchcrawl.

I didn’t participate having been out sketching on both Thursday and Friday. Jan Blencowe got vidseos of the The First Sketch Crawl of 2010 – which really is a first! Cathy Gatland’s (A Sketch in Time) story of a recently available untoward event Stealing time comes complete with great sketches! Oldenbrooke proceeds along with his reviews of Artists in Pastel. I wish more of them acquired a blog just!

Gayle Mason (Fur in the Paint) is using oil pastels – and look what a difference a change of background colour makes in Background Change on Maine Coon! Chapter 3 – Getting Started of Deborah Secor’s online publication is now released on her behalf new blog Landscape Painting in Pastels. Don’t copy calendar art or publication photos. It’s always easier to use an image that you’ve taken yourself. You’ve already made choices, deciding to point the camera at the topic, as well as making compositional decisions when you took the photo.

You have some familiarity with the place, having been to it before, and using it’ll never raise the question of copyright violation. Tracey Helgeson has been busy with Vermont, Plan D her project to produce giveaway small square panels worried about colour. A truly awesome project and result! She has a new blog for selling these small works Tracey Helgeson (Tracey’s surname always takes me back again to philosophy days in Cambridge and I ALWAYS have to check on the spelling. Those who did beliefs will know why also! Times Online: Banksy woz’ ere is about the new Banksy film.

On Monday I composed about Selling Art Online and Site Traffic which was a synopsis of the charts for site traffic for different memorial websites where people sell their artwork online. I noted that a few of them appeared to have less traffic than this blog! Among the sites I highlighted was Boundless Gallery. Earlier this month Joanne Mattera asked Marketing Mondays: YOU DON’T Need a Gallery? I liked The Storque’s post this week Don’t Quit Your Day Job: The Artist in the Office which is Summer Pierre’s The Artist at work.

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Her blog can be an Accident of Hope. Apparently on Monday she starts interviewing other creative people that have found their way in the task a day world. Edward Winkelman taking a look at art for 10 mere seconds and offering his judgement on it. Sounds like it was a fascinating exercise by the rules. You can see the creative artwork submitted in a slideshow on your blog.

I appreciated reading Harriete Estel Berman’s article on ArtBiz Blog about Artist Contracts: She Broke the Rules and how she got an antiquated and convoluted speaking contract transformed. Padraig McCaul has setup an art business blog An Artist’s Business Guide which includes just one post so far – 10 Steps to Building a Viable Business as an Artist.

It’s an interesting read – but how about some more articles? 47.6 Million Muse Export Banned by U.K. 47.6 million) within an auction in December now will have a short-term export bar while people try to raise the money to keep it in the united states. 25 Billion Art Trove, Boardroom Fight Drive Documentary – which noises exciting absolutely.