Rising Dividend Investing 1

Rising Dividend Investing

In our October 27, 2006, blog we wrote that while the overall economy would continue steadily to sluggish likely, US and international blue-chip stocks and shares would likely continue steadily to rally. Since that piece was compiled by us, stocks, as measured by the Dow Jones Industrials, have risen nearly 12%, including dividends, (an annualized return of over 20%) while the US economy has slowed to under 2% real growth.

40% when you look country-wide. While it holds true that average Canadian wages exceed the united states by about 22%, it doesn’t constitute what increased costs are for basic items. If you figure in health care and higher education, however, there are quarrels for biting the bullet on the casing and food costs.

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Canadians walk and bike more than you might expect given the elements, and public transportation is a hot subject for increasing availability in major metro areas. Utilities are nationalized, so the price is approximately the same but a lot more steady than US prices. Among the big problems for the cost of anything in Canada are the strength of the US dollar and exchange rate. A complete great deal of Canada’s trade is dependent on agriculture and fresh gasoline materials. Which means their economy is heavily tied in some ways to what is certainly going on in the U.S.

When the united states economy/dollar is strong, Canadians suffer with their buck dipping. When the united states have an economic downturn, Canadians earn as their buck will probably be worth more than ours. Canada is a lot bigger than most people realize. Wider than the continental US, there are 10 provinces and 3 territories touching 3 oceans and encompassing Hudson’s Bay. Canada is bigger in total landmass than the US but has about 11% of the populace. That makes for a number of not well charted place. The high median sales price for houses in most metropolitan areas of Canada keep many from having the ability to qualify for a mortgage.

382,000, all CAD. This kind of prices are across the board and consistent in ratio with wages earned. That is why finding a bargain real estate investment anywhere in Canada can be a large challenge, if not near to impossible. If you look for natural land in major urban centers, expect to pay dearly, and if in rural areas, know unemployment is high extremely.

The later is particularly important to learn if you will see a market to market, or if people can afford to lease there. Building codes are strict and intensive in Canada. A lot more is regulated than in the US, including everything from how deep your insulation must be to efficient, high-output heating systems so winters don’t freeze ya’.

50/hr, and materials are not mainly credited to transportation either. The building code compliance is monitored closely by lenders and insurers to make sure rules are met and requirements as well, or you will not have the ability to pass a residence appraisal, insurance inspection, or assessment. Is the real property a good investment in Canada? Although it is possible to write a home loan for investment real estate in Canada as a non-citizen, Canadian financial institutions charge higher interest, require confirmation of income, interacting with the mortgage viability, and other information from non-residents. They also require at least a 35% deposit and you need to be able to show where it originated from for at least 3 months back.

They will require it to be on deposit in a Canadian bank or investment company for at least thirty days. And, all Canadian banks require you to maintain a person to open an account. Keep in mind that finding insurance as an out of country real estate trader can be difficult. A home loan cannot be compiled by you in Canada without property insurance. Be sure you have solid quotes that are verifiable and viable before you make any offer or sign any contract on property of any enter Canada if you have to mortgage it or you would like to insure it.

It is especially important, since 5% is frequently the minimum escrow amount you will need to put up in cash, so it’s a complete great deal to lose if you can not write insurance. Find out if the lender will allow an extended power of the lawyer to sign documents for you. Many Canadian firms, banks, insurance companies, require you to be physically present to sign forms. Ask first so you are not surprised by an unplanned, expensive trip or two. While Canada does not have any federal regulation restricting a foreign buyer to a maximum quantity of properties, there are limitations on the number of mortgage loans some lenders will allow per international trader.

Mortgage interest is well below averages in America, but right now, everything is low as it pertains in home loan interest quite. The main thing is is it possible to invest profitably in Canada – which takes a very intense look by a qualified tax accountant and perhaps a genuine estate lawyer used to dealing north of the border.