Public American Colleges Should Be Free 1

Public American Colleges Should Be Free

Well I believe our debate falls short as it pertains to the reputability (that’s a term, right? Haha) of a study done on these businesses. I could try to find a different research if you want, but I see no justification not to trust this one. I feel that major corporations paying 0 dollars in taxes is unfair because there are small businesses that have to pay income tax.

I trust you, I’d also need to look at the specifics of the analysis and observe how exactly they prevented paying taxes, before I officially driven if it was ok or not. I am just going from my opinion that if small businesses pay taxes, big business should too. There must not be a difference just because one makes a lot more money that they could afford to corrupt the government (which is apparently pretty common).

This is a great tool for adding a human element to your getting pages, a long time before you’ve actually got the budget for a product take of your own. If you’re hoping to get into the business of making and offering online classes that teach people how to understand a skill set you’ve built, then Teachable is hands down the easiest-to-use (& most affordable) online course delivery system.

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