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To Sierra ✨ WARROOM 3.0.1 Download 2019

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Wellness is becoming intrinsic to your company culture. All that leads to more powerful communities and possibly a reduction in health care costs that could theoretically reduce healthcare costs statewide. Robert Harrison, chairman and CEO of First Hawaiian Bank and chair of medical and wellness committee for the Hawaii Change Project, has high respect for local wellness programs.

“Employees are the most crucial asset any business has, and improving their health and fitness helps all of us. The better our employees feel, the greater they could take it easy and contribute to both their family and the city. It helps the community to become more positive and productive,” Harrison says. “Work site wellbeing is important in an effort to increase awareness among employees about how to care for themselves and their own families,” says Pressler. Mark Fukunaga, CEO and Chairman of Servco Pacific Inc. and the 2018 Hawaii Business Magazine CEO of the entire year, have long championed a wellness strategy for his employees.

As part of several wellbeing programs and activities, a decade ago Fukunaga oversaw the building of a fitness center for his team at the company’s Mapunapuna head office. A huge selection of Servco employees have benefited from the classes and sports activities it offers. “From a business perspective, the rising cost of health care is a concern that touches our entire economy,” says Fukunaga. “Employers benefit by firmly taking proactive actions to allow employees to become more in charge of their own physical, mental, social, and financial wellness.

If every company in some way positively influences the fitness of that area of the community that works for them, the whole community benefits. “The result is a chain reaction. If we can impact our team members, those that take part will impact other team members. It can help create healthier habits, which they then collect and into the grouped areas where they live and play. Daphne Mendiola, a senior payroll specialist at Servco, joins in exercise classes at the business gym four days a week.

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Her fellow employees are actually also exercise buddies. The attractive, spacious Servco gym opens at 5 a.m. “We work hard but we likewise have fun,” Mendiola says. “I’ve a table job and sit all day long, so after going to the exercise classes I feel more energized. Year Each, within the Best Places to Work study sponsored by Hawaii Business Magazine, leading local companies are honored for assisting healthy workplaces and healthy employees.

Companies’ health and wellness offerings run the gamut. Howard Hughes Corp.’s Hawaii employees are offered surfboards, tidbits, and bicycles. Swinerton Builders offers discounted rates to 24-Hour Fitness and free registration for the Great Aloha Run. Island Insurance brings Weight Watchers programs right into the working office. American Savings Bank promotes a wide range of challenges for employees to get healthier.

Even smaller companies, with fewer resources, have found ways to support the fitness of their workers. Hawaii Diagnostic Radiology Services employees receive annual reimbursements for the wellness program of their choice. Skyline Eco-Adventures on Maui provides reimbursements for gym memberships. Atlas Insurance Agency includes a regular monthly on-site farmers market that brings fresh items to the working office. Peter Burke, the president and co-founder of the greatest Companies Group based in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, which administers the very best Places to Work surveys for Hawaii Business Magazine, says wellness programs help engage employees. And that, says Burke, whose business runs similar studies in 23 other says and four countries, leads to better employee performance and ultimately better bottom lines.