The Three DEGREES OF Planning 1

The Three DEGREES OF Planning

There are three levels of strategic planning: Corporate and business, business, and practical. Strategy may be planned at each known level, but the plans for each level of an organization should align to insure maximum unity of effort. Without alignment, departments and functions will be working at cross-purposes, and the entire corporate and business strategy shall be less effective. Business level: Each business in an organization will develop a strategy to support the overall business within its specific industry.

Business-level strategy is showing the current position of the firm within its industry and identifies how the available resources can be employed to improve the position of the firm with regard to its competitors. There are a variety of ways that businesses will compete, but more often than not it is dependant on the USP (unique selling proposition) of the firm which distinguishes the business and its own products from other competitors. If there are no distinctions between one firm’s products from other competitors, then your service or product becomes a product. Competition among companies that provide commodities is usually rooted in price competition, and the low-cost providers dominate usually.

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On the other hands, businesses that distinguish themselves can compete on the unique offering proposition. If they can successfully demonstrate why they will vary and exactly how that difference can provide a better degree of service or quality product, then the business can control an increased margin for the superior goods and services. This is actually the “value” added by the firm, and the business strategy should focus on how the firm adds value.

Functional level: Functional level identifies support functions of a business: Finance, Marketing, Manufacturing, and Human Resources are a few examples of the functional level. Strategies at this level should be defined to aid the overall business and corporate and business-level strategies. If the functional level leaders can describe their activities and goals with regard to the business or corporate levels, then everyone in the business will be aligned and therefore contribute to the entire goals and objectives for the business.

So for example, useful leaders for IT or HR must ask if the approaches for their functions match and support the overall strategic direction of the businesses they support or of the overall firm itself. The very best strategic planners understand how important it is perfect for a company to have alignment among the organization, business, and functional degrees of strategy.

The overall corporate and business-level strategies will never be effective if the helping business and useful level strategies are inconsistent with the entire strategic intention of the mature leaders. Thus, it isn’t only important to pick the right technique for the corporate level, but also similarly important to ensure that the business and useful level strategies to support the overall grand technique for the business.

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