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Investing, Economics Mostly

First, I want to point out that not all of the stocks I follow are excellent investments. I follow a diverse selection of stocks. There are a few that I would never spend money on personally. I follow lots of resource stocks even though I personally have little committed to this area. I follow what I find interesting and with resource stocks, I think it is important for Canadians to know what is happening in the resource area.

On the other hands, I really do follow of significant amount of great dividend growth stocks. The theory is that you need to use the dividend produce to see if a dividend stock is selling at a stock price that is relatively cheap. A stock price is known as cheap if it is selling at a dividend produce greater than the historical high yield or higher than the historical average yield or historical median produce. year average dividend produce 76 stocks and shares with a dividend produce higher than the 5.

79 stocks and shares with a dividend yield greater than the 5 calendar year average dividend produce. year average dividend produce 39 stocks and shares with a dividend produce higher than the 5. 1.88. TD has been incorrect before on the distributions because of this stock. I can get no verification of an increase. 1.75. I am departing the dividends unchanged because of this month and will change my spreadsheet when I can confirm an increase. On June 20, 2018, Dollarama Inc. (TSX-DOL-OTC-DLMAF) did a 3 to 1 1 divide.

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This is reflected in my own spreadsheet. Also, of the shares which i follow, 0 shares reduced or suspended their dividends. Most of my stocks started out as Dividend Payers. Currently 14 stocks are not paying any dividends which would be some 9.03% of the stocks that I follow. Four of the stocks and shares never had dividends, so 7.74% of the shares I follow have suspended their dividends. The three shares that never paid dividends are Ballard Power Systems Inc. (TSX-BLD, NASDAQ-BLDP0, Blackberry Ltd.

See these fields on the right part of the document. You can emphasize a specific stock using your cursor to highlight the appropriate range. There are always some stocks to buy because they’re costed fairly. There are always stocks to currently avoid because they are overpriced. Looking at dividend growth stocks that are available at stock prices that give them a dividend yield above the historical median dividend yield are most likely the best bet.

A problem I know of is perfect for the old income trusts. These companies have generally reduced their dividend produces forever and they’ll probably never get back to the old dividend produce highs they made as an income trust company. For these shares, you may be better looking at the existing dividend yield to the 5 yr median dividend produce. I also started a column called VT (for Valid Test) and this pertains to checking stock price using dividend yield. If not just a valid test I take advantage of N to show this. Also, on some stocks I have a complete lot more information years in my spreadsheets than for other stocks.

So, finding a stock on the list as “cheap” is only the first step in finding a stock to buy. This is actually the same with some other type of stock filters that you can use. The final thing to keep in mind is that I’ve entering numbers into a spreadsheet. I possibly could improperly put them in, I can transpose statistics and I can misread figures. This is another great reason a stock should be checked by you out before investing. As this is a filter just, it works better on some stocks than on others. See my admittance on my methodology in building the historical dividend yield highs and lows for the stocks which i cover.

I have an entry on my launch to Dividend Growth. You might want to look at my original entry on Dividend Growth Stocks. I have discussed why I love Dividend Growth companies also. Wednesday, July 4, 2018 around 5 pm. This website is intended for educational purposes only and is never to provide investment advice.