Child Beauty Pageants Free Essay Sample 1

Child Beauty Pageants Free Essay Sample

Some people believe beauty pageants are best for children but Personally, I do not think children should participate in beauty pageants because they produce a pathway to eating disorders, low self-esteem, and can be more targeted by predators easily. Parents feel that they are doing them well but in reality, the kid competing has been deprived from a normal childhood and the parents are just harming them. The kids are being shown that their body and elegance will determine how pretty they are and therefore sexuality at a young age is an excellent quality. Beauty pageants focus a lot on appearance and on what you present yourself.

I believe everyone is beautiful and I clearly assume that beauty comes within rather than from the exterior. However, children who raise up in the pageant industry commence to learn that a big part of the competition is due to your physical attraction. Now, there are little girls wearing fake eyelashes with caked faces because excessive makeup will make you look “prettier”. However, why change the idea when beauty pageants did not require any makeup when they first started. What goes on when the child is aged and gets acne or needs braces. Because the perception of perfection and beauty has been painted to them already, they no longer think of themselves as beautiful.

What happens when they gain just a little weight and get points deducted for not complimenting the dress they are modeling? They start convinced that they have to fix something about themselves plus some girls will take those measures to the extreme. All of a sudden we have young girls searching the web on how to quickly lose weight and what shows up on the TV screen is troubling.

Surgery; but wait around, there isn’t enough money and their parents may not allow it. Anorexia/Bulimia (eating disorders that rapidly cause you to definitely lose weight by starvation or purging); well that’s easy because no one will ever find out. Now we have these girls browsing, how to become these plain things.

Next thing you know, we have a group of fifteen teenage females in a treatment facility having a hard time of receiving themselves for who they’re. Some of the pieces they wear for the runway are provocative and are a wide open invitation to pedophiles. It’s very important to everyone to learn that folks with a disturbed mentality consequently will have got anything they admire by any means. For example, JonBenet Ramsey was a beauty queen who triumphed in her first beauty pageant at the age of four.

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118,000. Police made a couple of problems by not shutting down the premises as an offense scene and allowing friends and family to walk in and out. When the father was asked to walk around the house for anything different, he researched the basement and there the wonder queen was found murdered.

She received a skull fracture and have been sexually molested and strangled with a cord. Her cause of loss was asphyxia by strangulation. But the circumstance continues to be cold, investigators believe that her promotion made her a fairly easy target for just about any assassin (Oates 1999). JonBenet was such a darling! She was an American beauty queen with blue eyes, porcelain skin area, and wild blonde hair. Every child is however beautiful in these pageants but, these beauties are subjected in the advertising as well as their parents information and house stay. Law enforcement has put an enormous emphasize on the security of teenagers walking alone and with the info that they share on social networking.

It doesn’t have a good deal for a killer to commit a murder even as can see with the fact of JonBenet. She had not been only killed in her own home, but there were no traces concerning who could do it. There is no power of entrance and certainly, no real way of the parents reading their little girl. Why put children at stake for the simplicity of fame and money? Are parents that selfish that they think about is living their childhood again through their children.

Little girls do not like to own their hair drawn and they don’t like to be relaxing in a couch for hours gaining makeup. So a lot of their appearance is judged that your skin firmness counts even. Ten-year-olds are receiving spray tanned and ‘re going through an extended process when all they should be doing will school, acquiring buddies, starting a small amount of trouble, and enjoying their childhood.

When are there time and energy to do all that whenever you are so focused on memorizing a script and getting the mane done? My real attention is how a beauty pageant judges beauty when girls are all made? The note is clear that the judges need to see the makeup and thinness for a kid to be looked at for the wonder queen subject.