Fit BEING A Fiddle Or Fit BEING A Fig 1

Fit BEING A Fiddle Or Fit BEING A Fig

Fitness is a term that is necessarily as specific as the person seeking it. As different as each folks is in our physical and mental make-up so is our desirability to seek out a level of fitness. Even though many people define fitness as a continuously sought after physical form it is unfortunate that too many folks the word simply defines their ability to walk their pet dog a mile or so after their workday. To some it’s the increasing capability to bench press larger and bigger weights for more and more repetitions.

Unfortunately to others the word means that at any given minute they are free of illness, haven’t any symptoms and have an over-all feeling of well-being at rest. For the human form it connotes a negative attitude if fitness is defined as being free from disease or disease. Lets begin with the facet of “adequate” fitness.

This probably is exactly what most of the populace defines as their fitness goal. The ability to perform daily tasks without sense fatigued. Having sufficient physical ability to meet some unpredicted emergencies and still have the energy to enjoy free time. Yet even this level of fitness requires some maintenance which is only available through activity rather than a constant degree of “rest”.

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By evaluation “enhanced” fitness would be that level searched for through constant and varied physical activity. If your sufficient level of fitness is not appropriate to you then you must engage some kind of physical activity to maintain or increase your level of fitness. While the fitness desired by a person engaged in evening softball video games certainly is not the same level sought by a world class weight lifter the series is the same.

You must begin with your adequate level and then increase it to your degree of acceptance through the activity you choose. So while we can certainly divide fitness levels into adequate or enhanced we still cannot determine for each person what the term means to her or him. We can define fitness easily enough with terms but then we are forced with the necessity to measure it. The activity sufficient for sufficient is by definition not the level needed to achieve the improved fitness.

So said we need to establish a measure that all individual will use to measure his / her own improvement in their fitness levels. Sooner or later the average person who strives to improve their fitness needs to have the ability to assess what lengths they have or have not journeyed towards their goal.