Life360 is an online social mass media app that lets its users for connecting with each other and discuss their location. 1. Open your life app. 2. Now select three Right Range which is given at top-left drop and section down menu will appear. 3. On the drop down menu click on SETTINGS.

4. On Settings page select ACCOUNT. 5. On Account web page scroll and select link DELETE Accounts down. 6. Once you click on delete accounts button a message box can look requesting your confirmation to eliminate your account click on YES, CONTINUE. 1. Open your email accounts that is authorized with happier. 3. On Subject Type “REQUEST TO DELETE MY ACCOUNT”.

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So I think we really have to make contact with what’s very important to us, and who’s very important to us. When you can manage 100 relationships, that’s amazing. I think we can only have a handful of quality romantic relationships really, and then we only need all of these other folks that are kind of on the perimeters.

John Jantsch: Yeah, I’m actually kind of an introvert. I’m fine with two or three people. But I put to come up with an mount, so. Neen James: My honey is also an introvert. And you understand, he … Think about networking, John. You get into these occasions. People like me, I’m an extreme extrovert. And I use and go, Oh my God! There’re visitors to play with. And my husband would prefer to have a root canal. Like that is simply not his notion of fun. But one’s net than the other better; they’re different just.

What I notice is he has really quality discussions, and he’s great at spending his attention on only a few people, as opposed to some people, like me, where we can go to all of the different discussions. But I have to really study from him in concentrate even harder about how can I have more quality conversations, instead of quantity of conversations.

John Jantsch: So this is a good segue to something I’ve noticed you discuss, but is within the reserve also. And this notion of, and I’m going to let you clarify it just. Listen with your eyes. Neen James: Oh, the wisdom of my pal. So, you understand, I was seated in the kitchen of my next door neighbor’s house.

Her name’s Eileen. She has a five yr old called Donovan. And he and I were in this heated debate about who was simply cooler, you know, was it Superman or was it Batman. So clearly with a five-year-old, this can be an important world conversation. And Eileen and I were just attempting to truly have a cup of coffee. And he kept inserting himself into our conversation, John.

Asking me all these questions. And I thought he had been responded by me, but he got so frustrated beside me, he jumped into my lap, he grabbed my face, in his tiny little hands, he switched it towards him, and he said, “Neen. Listen with your eye.” John, he was five. After all, I had been schooled by a kid.

And yet, that intelligence of that child has been a constant reminder to me that people don’t just pay attention with these ears, we listen with our eye. We listen with this heart. We pay attention with our spirit. John Jantsch: I want to remind you that this episode is presented by Klaviyo. Klaviyo can help you build significant customer associations by understanding and hearing cues from your visitors.